Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Alexa ... Open the pod bay doors

Amazon Echo is amazing. The voice command interface is responsive and capable. Sound quality is quite good but I would like the option to adjust an equalizer through the app.
Amazon Prime members can take advantage of Prime Music for unlimited listening on everything from Classic Rock to Pavarotti to "Who's on First" from Abbott and Costello. Add in your Google login to allow Alexa access to your calendar. With a simple "Alexa ... What's my schedule for tomorrow" she'll read off your itinerary. Then she'll ask if you'd like to hear more.
The Echo can tell you jokes, give you facts about the song you're listening to or respond to statements like "Open the pod bay doors." It all leads to an interesting interaction that becomes more competent and responsive as you use it. Next step for me is to try some home automation.